Objectives of the Foundation


(1) To promote evolution of consciousness and help build a society that is deeply connected to nature.


(2) To promote environment conservation and protection of soil, water, air and overall natural and built environment by way of education, awareness, training amongst masses. To help develop environment friendly habits such as reducing usage of plastic and such other materials which adversely affect soil, water and overall environment. To promote usage of eco-friendly materials and natural and recycled products. To promote construction of green buildings with rain water harvesting, garbage recycling, solar energy and similar facilities. To promote reuse and recycling of various products used in day to day life. To help develop and promote sustainable practices of waste management at household, community city and national levels. To help people to measure their impact on the natural environment and reduce their social and environmental footprint.


(3) To promote organic and natural farming in a way that benefits farmers and consumers. To encourage excellence in organic farming and agricultural produce through support to the farming community. To promote the distribution and sale of organic foods. To promote protection of indigenous food varieties and protect farmers rights.


(4) To promote animal welfare, animal care and to help stop the cruelty towards animals. To promote protection of wildlife diversity, to help create awareness about importance of different animals in the environment and the direct or indirect benefits to human being. To help understand people about impact on wildlife as a result of environmental damages caused by humans.


(5) To help towards poverty alleviation and to help achieve overall upliftment of masses by way of education, vocational training, health awareness and hygiene awareness. To promote skill development services, trainings and support for skill development especially for rural and urban poor. To promote training on green enterprise development for rural and urban poor and to help them to create and run their own green enterprises and businesses.


(6) To help people to understand the importance of holistic health practices and hygiene. To promote education and training of masses with alternative therapies, yoga and similar preventive & corrective health care practices. To promote naturopathy and promote herbal farms and herbal products. To promote spiritual mental and physical practices that help people heal holistically. To promote music, sports and physical activity as a medium to heal and empower people.


(7) To promote awareness regarding issues faced by and to help differently abled people to develop skills to support livelihood and become self-reliant.


(8) To promote and help protect ancient Indian culture and philosophy. To help people know the Indian culture, traditions, cuisines and clothing. To promote research and studies on Indian traditional wisdom. To promote festivals, events, rituals and literature that increases awareness about Indian culture. To protect and promote Indian arts and crafts, especially those related to rural communities and natural materials. To encourage hand-made craft traditions and promote this among the youth.


(9) To promote enable and empower smaller organizations to grow.


(10) To promote research in areas which would help achieve above objectives.