Over the last twelve years eCoexist has reached to several underprivileged groups to create sources of income for them. Since many of the groups we have worked with have very specific constraints and needs, our trainings and products are designed to cater to these circumstances. Work is brought to the group wherever they are located, and products are simplified to acknowledge their challenges. We do not offer charity – rather we focus on empowerment by hand holding until the group is self sufficient to work on its own. Market linkages have been provided through our social enterprise. Design of traditional handicraft has been modified to ensure that all raw materials are completely biodegradable.

Women Farmers

Women Prisoners

Women Rag Pickers

Women Self Help Groups

Challenged Adults

Individual Women

Womens Day, 8 March 2021

To acknowledge the efforts of the women of Ahwalwadi, electronic sewing machines were donated to five deserving women. This was made possible with the support of the Trusteeship Foundation, Mumbai.