Maher Ashram

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eCoexist has been working on several projects to support the Maher ashram with the blessings and guidance of Sr Lucy. Our work with them involves 

1. Organising a natural Holi party fo rthe children of Maher very year

2. Donating eco friendly Ganesh idols for all Maher homes for the inter faith initiative started by Sr Lucy

3. Donation of reusable cotton masks for Maher residents during COVID 19.

4. Livelihoods trainings for the mentally challenged residents of Maher. 

Ganpati, 2020

Ganpati, 2020

Ganpati, 2019

Ganpati, 2019

Covid-19 Relief, 2020

Covid-19 Relief, 2020

Donation of furniture to Maher ashram March 2021 ( Sponsored by Rotary Club of Juhu and Kevn Enterprises , Mumbai
Donation of Holi colours March 2021

Vinoba Bhave Janmasthan Pratishthan

The Vinoba Bhave Janmasthan is the birthplace of Acharya Vinoba Bhave in Gagode, Raigad district. Here, a small group of people live according to the principles laid down by Vinobaji on a simple and sustainable lifestyle. eCoexist supports the work of the community by

  1. Marketing support for their organic food produce
  2. Cow dung products development trainings to support the cows at the ashram
  3. Outreach 
Turneric harvest at the ashram, March 2021
Volunteers from Pune harvesting turmeric

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board

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eCoexist has been engaging with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board right from the beginning. We have developed environmental education material along with the MPCB on various environmental issues. Our work with the MPCB covers

  1. Natural Holi campaign
  2. Eco Ganesh campaign
  3. Cloth bags campaign

We also were awarded a grant by the MPCB to work on the Green Idea project to promote the recycling of waste plastic, thermocol and mettalised film. 

Assam Hathi Project

As part of our efforts to make the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi more eco friendly, eCoexist also drew the attention of Ganesh devotees to the plight of our wild elephants populations through the Gajanana campaign. 

In 2020, eCoexist partnered with the Assam Haathi Project run by Nandita Hazarika, to raise awareness about elephants and the need to protect them. We ran a crowd funding campaign to invite Ganesh devotees to donate part of their budget for the festival to the cause of the wild elephants. 

A talk was organised by Nandita Hazarika where she spoke about the challenges faced by the wild elephants in Assam and the protective measures being taken by the NGOs in the region. 

Yerawada Prison

The Yerawada Central Prison is the largest prison in Maharashtra and it houses around 400 women inmates. eCoexist was invited to bring work to the inmates who are allowed to earn and send money home to their families. Our work over five years in the prison involved training them in semi skilled activities, coordinating productions and engaging them in team work. Our team members spent time working directly with the prison inmates on Holi colours, recycling of waste flowers and on cloth bags. 

Swach Cooperative

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Swach is a cooperative of over 8000 women ragpickers in Pune, who collect and seggregate waste from households to supplement the work of the muncipal corporation. eCoexist has worked with Swach on several Waste Management campaigns such as the Nirmalya Recycling project and waste audits. 

Bal Kalyan Sanstha

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Bal Kalyan Sanstha in Pune is an umbrella organisation in Pune that offers recreational and vocational training activities to all groups working with disability. eCoexist has worked with Bal Kalyan on several fronts, teaching the mentally and physically challenged youth in skills, making products along with them. We have also held Holi parties for their children every year for more than a decade. 

Holi party for the children of Bal Kalyan Sanstha