Outer Environment

Living in a city disconnects us from our own natural environment. Our feet rarely touch the earth, and often we go months without watching the sun rise or set. eCoexist started its work looking at urban lifestyles and considering ways in which we could reconnect people to Nature through the lifestyle choices they make and the products they use. The intention is to bring an acute awareness of the natural environment to urban residents so that they make conscious and environmentally responsible choices.

Inner Environment

The disconnect however is two ways. Urban living also disconnects us from our own selves. The stresses of city life, numb the bodily senses and overburden the mind and this leads to a wide range of mental and physical ailments. eCoexist believes that human beings who are connected to Nature are also healthier, more content and happier in their lives and bodies.

Covid-19 Relief

Healing with Nature

Gajanana Campaign

Toxicity of Chemicals

Urban environments are filled with chemicals both within and outside our homes. Chemicals used in home products, cosmetics and even in food items affect our health collectively. Chemicals that flow out of our homes into the environment also damage our water bodies and the lives of other species that call the city their home. It IS possible to gradually choose natural products to replace some of these chemicals and live in a more toxic-free environment.

Waste Management- Reuse

The UseMeAgain campaign highlights the fact that the use and throw habit is responsible for most of the products that end up in landfill today. Single use disposable items such as plastic carry bags, plastic cutlery, PET bottles for drinking water are all designed for a one time use. Many of these have very little recycling value and therefore do not find their way back  into the recycling chain either. Since many of these are made of non biodegradable materials such as plastic , thermocol and metallised film, they do not degrade for several hundred years.

Waste Management- Recycle

The Beauty of Recycling campaign highlights the aesthetic and financial potential of recycling and up cycling. Upcycling is a design process by which a waste product is converted into another products of a higher value than the original one. The Cradle to Cradle design methodology analyses the life cycle of the product and when it reaches the end of its life span ensures that it can be easily dismantled to create a whole new products while generating zero waste.